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What we look for

At MTIP, we are more than investors. We are experts who are deeply knowledgeable about the healthtech industry. We are advisers who know how to empower entrepreneurs and build businesses. We are long-term partners who understand what it takes to develop the organizational and operational infrastructure necessary for sustainable success. And we are visionaries who seek to transform exciting opportunities into successful and sustainable enterprises.

Empowering exceptional entrepreneurs

We empower exceptional entrepreneurs to grow their healthtech companies. Although we are flexible regarding the opportunities we consider, we prefer to invest in firms that are in the growth (later-stage, expansionary) phase, with a proven technology that can be effectively scaled. We invest in companies that are primarily based in Europe.

Among the questions we ask when evaluating a potential investment

  • Does the business offer solutions for improving patient care that have strong and sustainable market potential?
  • Does it offer innovative products and services that have distinct competitive advantages and are cost-effective?
  • Is the business concept clear, is there a comprehensive development strategy, and is the regulatory pathway fully laid out?
  • Does the business have proprietary technology and intellectual property protection, with rights secured by the company?
  • Does it have a sound and scalable operating model with a well-defined plan for full-scale commercialization?
  • Is there a strong and dedicated management and advisory team in place to ensure the business has access to all required competencies?
  • Is the exit route visible and realistic, and is it aligned with the needs and requirements of founders and investors?

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Extraordinary portfolio companies

When we evaluate opportunities, we focus on those factors that have proven themselves over time. To create true long-term value, we invest in talented leaders, innovative strategies, and high-growth businesses with clear competitive advantages.

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How we add value

How we add value

With our deep-rooted industry knowledge, hands-on experience, and commitment to social responsibility, we help tomorrow’s healthtech leaders overcome the inevitable challenges and transform visions into successful and sustainable enterprises.

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