Bett von Reactive Robotics therapiert einen Mann

Reactive Robotics

Category: Medical Devices

Country: Germany

Reactive Robotics will build robots for very early mobilization (VEM) with its patented, modular technology. Our device will be used in gait rehabilitation of neurological patients and in orthopedic patients after joint replacement. We will design, manufacture and sell a rehabilitation robot that automates gait rehabilitation already in the ICU at the very early state, 48 hours after onset of neurological injury or joint replacement surgery.

Reactive Robotics' goal is to set the new gold standard of Very Early Mobilization of critically ill patients.

By providing medical robotic solutions, Reactive Robotics

  • assists nurses and therapists in taking care of patients
  • enables faster recovery for critically ill patients
  • makes care more humane by allowing robotics to work hand-in-hand with nurses and therapists
  • improves economic efficiency in the healthcare system.

Their clients are hospitals that want to provide their patients with the best possible care during their path towards recovery while supporting their clinical staff with the best available technology.