Category: Medical Devices

Country: Israel

Nitinotes' fight against obesity

The Company fights against obesity, one of the fastest growing illnesses in the world. Around 650 million patients around the globe are classified as obese according to the WHO, and this number has tripled since 1975. Treating this disease is a very demanding challenge and rarely successful for a prolonged period of time. A first option is a diet and physical exercise. Unfortunately both barely work for obese patients. Another option are pharmaceuticals, but these are only moderately effective. A third option are bariatric surgical techniques. Some of those surgical devices are highly invasive and the medical intervention non-reversible on the one hand. And on the other hand very difficult to perform from only a small group of surgeons.

Nitinotes has developed a forth approach with the creation of the endozipTM. The invention is a fully automated, operator independent and minimally-invasive suturing system. It allows durable endoluminal restrictive sutures in obese patients.