New MTIP investment in Cynerio

New MTIP investment - Cynerio

MTIP has invested in Cynerio, an Israeli company providing innovative solutions for the security of medical devices and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). MTIP syndicated with RDC (a joint venture between Elron and Rafael) and Accelmed in a $7M Seed Funding to fuel growth in North America for Cynerio’s exclusively healthcare focused cyber security platform.

The security of everyone’s healthcare data is put at high risk by the increasing number of connected medical devices and the lack of security solutions for healthcare providers.

Cynerio was founded by cybersecurity experts Leon Lerman, CEO, and Daniel Brodie, CTO, to deliver a cybersecurity solution that is 100% designed for healthcare providers, based on the industry’s first technology that thoroughly analyzes the medical workflows in the IoMT ecosystem, to automatically discover all the entities on the network, provide an ongoing healthcare specific risk analysis, accurately detect anomalies and stop threats to prevent service disruption, data theft and compliance violations.

“We are delivering a tailor-made, healthcare driven solution for providers to ensure patient safety and data protection while maintaining operational continuity,” explained Leon Lerman.

“MTIP’s expertise in digital health and their healthcare industry network are key to our development and expansion into new markets”.

Rambam Hospital and Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov) are two of the world’s top healthcare organizations using Cynerio’s technology to protect its sensitive data. The company is now focused on US market development.

Hospitals require a security solution that will protect their systems without being intrusive or aggressive and helping the organization meet HIPAA regulatory requirements.

“The Internet of Medical Things is revolutionizing and opening new horizons in the healthcare industry. Nevertheless, this trend will be sustainable in the future only if the security of such connected ecosystem is rightfully addressed.” said Dr Christoph Kausch Founding Partner and CEO of MTIP. “We are excited to work with Cynerio, a pioneer in the healthcare cybersecurity market with a solution that precisely answers to one the biggest needs of nowadays healthcare industry.”

For more information please contact: 

Dr. Christoph Kausch
CEO & Founder   

Phone: +41 61 551 02 50


Dufourstrasse 49, CH-4052 Basel


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